Good Riddance to release "Peace In Our Time" on April 21
Friday, February 13, 2015 - 20:40
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And just like that a new Good Riddance album is ready to be unleashed upon the world! The first Good Riddance album in nine years will be called "Peace in Our Time" and according to Fat Wreck Chords 'it rips all expectations to shreds. Packed with everything you’ve ever loved about Good Riddance, Peace in Our Time is essentially the very best of GR distilled down to one LP'.
“We didn't want to be a band who overstayed our welcome,” said frontman Russ Rankin about their decision to dissolve all those years ago.  He adds, “Everyone was becoming increasingly busy with other, non-music careers, families, etc.”  But Rankin put it simply, “We missed playing the songs.”  They had no choice but to return to the music because it was part of their DNA. They're students of the genre who draw from real punk rock influences and their songs come from a very sincere place.  It all culminates for the band with Peace In Our Time: on the album opener, “Disputatio”, you can hear dark and thrashy hardcore reminiscent of their contemporaries Paint It Black; then maybe some aggressive melodic punk à la Bad Religion on “No Greater Fight”; Black Flag's hefty, discordant HC on “Dry Season”; and definitely some of The Descendents on “Washed Away”.  But make no mistake, Good Riddance has cultivated their own sound from this diverse set of influences and that's probably why their old-school fans have stuck with them.  If die-hards need a reference point for Peace In Our Time, think about their high water mark efforts like Comprehensive Guide... or the hardcore staple, Operation Phoenix.
This new album is essentially the very best of GR distilled down to one LP, and it will no doubt get the attention from a lot of old fans, HC devotees, and punk enthusiasts alike.  They're already booked to play Europe's Groezrock, one of the biggest punk festivals in the world.  There will also be an obvious hometown record release show in Santa Cruz, where they have been selling out countless shows over the years.  Good Riddance will be ramping up some activity, and with hardcore music seeming neutered and confused in 2015, "Peace In Our Time" will mark a triumphant return for a band that the underground scene needs more than ever.