Fights And Fires Become The Wak-A-Mole's In 'Church Bells'
Monday, July 10, 2017 - 13:48
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Worcester-based punk-rock quartet, Fights And Fires, have released a new music video, inspired by Wak-A-Mole for 'Church Bells', taken from the new album, Live Life Like A Tourist, set for release on July 14th through Lockjaw Records.

"The lyrics for Church Bells relate to the morning of my wedding." says vocalist, Philip Cox. "I spent it nervously fretting about if the previous 9 months of planning would all come together. I took an early morning walk to clear my head, and could just about hear the local church's bell chiming in the distance. It was oddly charming.

"The idea for the video came about whilst discussing how life always seems to knock you back down when things are going good - Almost like a giant human size game of Wak-A-Mole."