Dan Andriano & The Bygones reveal new single 'Sea Level'
Dan Andriano & The Bygones reveal new single 'Sea Level'
Monday, August 9, 2021 - 19:08
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Most known for his role as bassist and co-vocalist in Chicago punk rock band Alkaline Trio, with whom he has released nine studio albums to date, Dan Andriano is a singer-songwriter who has also previously released two solo records under the name, Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room. In addition, Andriano has played bass in the rock supergroup The Damned Things since 2019. Today, Dan Andriano is thrilled to announce his new band Dan Andriano & The Bygones featuring Dylan and Randy Moore (Get Married). Check out first single 'Sea Level' below.

“I think for me, the song is about self-realization and mental illness, finding your way to where the help is,” Andriano says of the self-produced indie rock track. “I recently had my first taste of elevation sickness being higher up in the Rockies than I’d ever been. As we were boarding the flight home I thought aloud to my wife, ‘Just get me back to sea level’. By the time I had found my seat, I was thinking to myself, that’s not a bad metaphor for what I’ve been searching for mentally, which is a better awareness of myself and trying to identify sooner when I’m spinning out or sinking down.”