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Cemetary Vacation
Walk The Plank - Cemetary Vacation
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 15:47
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- by Nate Hennon

Maybe it is the current climate, both seasonal and political, but I have mostly been gravitating to more melodic, easy listening music. Well, Walk the Plank's latest, "Cemetery Vacation," is nothing of the sort and a nice change of pace. From beginning to end, Walk The Plank deliver on every expectation one has for the D.C. Hardcore scene. "Cemetery Vacation" is fast, loud and dark. Nothing better than those words when hearing about anything associated with Washingon D.C.

Just in case you feel like D.C Hardcore can be a little one-note, yes that's true, but also you're an idiot. Walk the Plank isn't just pounding on guitars and drums without some rhyme or reason (sans "Unaware," that one is just a pound-fest for half the song). Each song felt deliberate and built for a live show.


Track listing:

  1. Work Of Fiction
  2. Pity Party
  3. I Don't Believe
  4. Sea of Scenes
  5. Dead Broke
  6. Dying On The Vine
  7. Scapegoat
  8. Emptying My Head
  9. Unaware
  10. Teacher's Pet
  11. Spring 2010