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I Surrender Sleighs
I Surrender Sleighs Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - 11:35
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For those of you looking for an alternative to Bing Crosby this Christmas, I Surrender Records has prepared a holiday compilation featuring some of the artists on their roster, including We Are The Union, Valencia, Punchline, Vinnie Caruana, and more.

A holiday comp is not a novel idea. There’s the various installments of ‘A Santa Cause’ as well as 2013’s ‘Punk Goes Christmas’ to name two others. And bands like Weezer, Bad Religion, MXPX and The Vandals have dropped entire holiday-themed releases before. That said, there is some fun to be had with ‘I Surrender Sleighs’. Not every song on here is equally strong, but the originals penned by the likes of Valencia, latewaves and Alex Amiruddin & Vinnie Caruana are definitely worth a listen.


I Surrender Sleighs track list:

  1. How Valencia Stole Christmas – Valencia
  2. Rico Christmas – The High Court
  3. Hungover For The Holidays – latewaves
  4. I Can’t Keep Up With The Holidays – Mattstagraham
  5. Christmas Garbage – Pollyanna
  6. Yr Always Alone (On Christmas) – We Are The Union
  7. December 26th – Alex Amiruddin & Vinnie Caruana
  8. Together – Punchline
  9. Happy New Year I’m Still a Piece of Garbage – Raccoon Tour
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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