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TV Cop Smokes Weed
TV Cop TV Cop Smokes Weed Punk Rock Theory
Friday, June 26, 2020 - 14:11
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It’s 7:30 in the AM yet I’m already feeling pretty good about today. Not just because of my first cup of coffee, but also because I just spent the last 17 minutes listening to TV Cop’s new EP. This Iowa-based trio plays catchy pop-punk with tons of grunge-y riffs and power pop goodness all worked in the magic.

They kick things off in the most satisfactory of ways - and with their drummer hellbent on getting the most out of his crash cymbal - with ‘Pancake King,’ a highly melodic mid-paced banger that reminded me of Dogbreth’s first album for some reason. ‘Anyway’ on the other hand is a more grunge-y affair played with punk energy. Think Culture Abuse. ‘Pre 9/11’ is the most straight-up pop-punk they get, before dishing out even more self-deprecating lyrics over the quiet-loud dynamics of ‘Over It’ and then bringing it all home with ‘Probably Not’.


Track listing:

  1. Pancake King    
  2. Anyway    
  3. Pre 9/11    
  4. Over It    
  5. Probably Not