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Good Nature
Turnover - Good Nature
Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 09:21
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When Turnover abandoned their pop-punk stylings in favor of a more twinkly, dream rock sound on their sophomore album, “Peripheral Vision”, I was on board. There’s a lot to be said for bands that dare to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. “Good Nature”, the band’s new album, sees them shying away even further from their original sound and immersing themselves completely in reverb-laced guitars, soft-spoken vocals and dream pop textures. Yet somehow I can’t muster the same level of enthusiasm this time around.


The good news first… “Good Nature” sounds amazing. The band once again worked with go-to producer Will Yip, who managed to make everything sound shiny as hell, silky smooth and warmer than ever before.


But as amazing as the songs sound, they fail to leave much of an impression. More often than not, they simply float by and as the album progressed, I found it very hard to stay focused on the music. Take “Pure Devotion” for example. A song that wouldn’t sound out of place in an elevator with its jazzy chords and lounge-y vibe.


If next time around they inject their songs with just a hint of energy here and there, I’ll be right back on board (if they will still have me). But for now the songs fall on the wrong side of exciting.


Track listing:

  1. Super Natural
  2. Sunshine Type
  3. What Got in the Way
  4. Butter y Dream
  5. Curiosity
  6. Pure Devotion
  7. Nightlight Girl
  8. Breeze
  9. All That It Ever Was
  10. Living Small
  11. Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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