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Sexual Harassment
Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment
Monday, October 22, 2012 - 21:11
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Does Turbonegro without Hank von Helvete still deserve to be called Turbonegro? Well, with the help of new vocalist Tony Sylvester (The Duke Of Nothing) they most definitely do. Just have a listen to “Sexual Harassment”, the band’s latest full-length… they sound like they’re having more fun than ever and as a result came up with one of their best albums in over a decade.

Sylvester may not have the range of his predecessor but his grittier vocals suit the music perfectly. Meanwhile Euroboy still does a kickass job of whipping out some excellent solos, only adding to the appeal.The questionable homo-erotic lyrics are still present and accounted for as well and Happy Tom (who now handles the songwriting) knows how to write an anthem.

Visitors of glory holes and dark rooms can rejoice… Turbonegro is back and ready to rock out with their cocks out!