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Sunshine and Rainbows
The Subjunctives Sunshine and Rainbows Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, December 29, 2019 - 15:41
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The Subjunctive is a new-ish Seattle-based band with Ean Hernandez from 90ies DIY pop-punk heroes Sicko, Jeff Mangalin from Four Lights and Matt Coleman who finds himself trading in the elegant piano pop of the Heather Edgley band for a whopping 16 slices of pop-punk that manage to sound both nostalgic and fresh.

Mixed by Matt Allison and mastered by Mass Giorgino, the songs that make up ‘Sunshine and Rainbows’ read like a love letter to everything great about pop-punk. All of the songs on here have this old-school flavor that is downright irresistible. Bouncy basslines, the kind of riffs that Bob Mould would approve of, hooks for days and enough energy to light up a small town. The fact that they all take turns behind the mic and burst out in these perfect little harmonies in pretty much every single song only adds to the fun.

Speaking of fun, it’s pretty much impossible not to pick up on just how much a good time these guys are having blasting out these tunes, making this one of the most feelgood albums I have come across this year. Which makes sense for an album that is called ‘Sunshine and Rainbows’.


Track listing:

  1. Guinevere, In Raybans and Chucks    
  2. At The Kraken    
  3. Spend Your Time    
  4. Pass It On    
  5. Friday Night    
  6. Introverted Girl    
  7. Hey Dad    
  8. Rotate    
  9. Waste My Time    
  10. Get Some Sleep    
  11. My Girl    
  12. One More Year    
  13. The Fastbacks Are the Greatest Band in History, So Fuck YOU    
  14. Headed East Again    
  15. My E String    
  16. Dumbass


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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