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That Puget Sounds
The Drolls That Puget Sound Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 13:50
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The Drolls is what happens when Denny and Josh from Seattle pop-punks Sicko get together with Julie D from Guest Directors and Chinchilla fame to bang out some short but sweet songs that linger between power pop and pop-punk. None of the songs on ‘That Puget Sound’ (no relation to AFI guitarist Jade Puget as far as I can tell) sound overthought or overcomplicated and as a result, these tracks are even more fun than reading about some anti-vaxxer’s latest conspiracy theory on Twitter.

While it would be cutting The Drolls down short to simply compare them to Sicko, I think it’s fair to say that if you liked the late Seattle pop-punk darlings as well as Superchunk (‘Sad Little King’ especially), you will definitely dig ‘That Puget Sound’. Expect 12 catchy, jangly, hook-laden tunes that like a conversation with a good friend, deal with everything from aging and wasting time to the environment and political bullshit. And just for giggles, they threw in a cover of Sicko’s ‘Rehashed’, which they dubbed ‘Rehashed, Rehashed’.


That Puget Sound track list:

  1. Getting Old
  2. Nobody Move
  3. Sad Little King
  4. Mythology
  5. Worse Things
  6. Alternate Timeline
  7. Downstream
  8. Rehashed- Rehashed
  9. Bad Ear
  10. Before The Fall
  11. So Many Red Flags
  12. Follow That Dinosaur
  13. In A Big Country