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Rude Boys Of Bar Rock
Steady Hands – Rude Boys Of Bar Rock
Tuesday, December 27, 2016 - 15:53
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Inspired by the likes of Billy Bragg and Frank Turner, Sean Huber started playing solo shows in Philadelphia’s bars and basements under the Steady Hands moniker whenever he had some time off from Modern Baseball.

From there, Steady Hands evolved into a 7-piece that expertly blasts out some seriously good folk-punk. The line-up includes W.C. Lindsay’s William Lindsay on lead guitar, George Legatos on bass and Richie Straub on drums, along with Modern Baseball’s Jacob Ewald on rhythm guitar and hometown friend Andrew Kiman on keys.

So far they recorded three EP’s, which have now been released on vinyl for the first time ever on this double LP. Also included on “Rude Boys Of Bar Rock” are a Nebraska-esque re-recording of the songs from the “Not Many Of Us Left” EP and a brand new song called "Under The Rug."

These guys aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but if you are looking for some solid tuneage that goes from rebel-rousing to thoughtful in the time it takes to drink a beer, then “Rude Boys Of Bar Rock” might be just the album you are looking for.


Track listing:

  1. Under The Rug
  2. I Swear Like A Sailor
  3. Footsteps
  4. The Libertines
  5. Song For Rosemar
  6. Brandy Of The Damned
  7. Pretty Good Year
  8. Fragile Heart
  9. Southern Dream
  10. We Will Rise
  11. Skin And Bones
  12. Tropical Depression
  13. Grace
  14. Won't Let You Go
  15. You Won't Know
  16. House Show
  17. Warren
  18. Michael Jordan
  19. Basements
  20. Perfect Teeth
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