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To Figure Out
Shoreline To Figure Out Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 14:47
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With an enticing mix of punk, emo, hardcore and even a bit of danceable pop, German punks Shoreline bounce all over the place on their latest album, ‘To Figure Out,’ out now on Pure Noise Records. Just the mere fact that a German band has earned a spot on the roster of an American powerhouse should intrigue you enough to check these guys out.

From the opening track that is ‘Needles’ right down to the album closer that is ‘Cold Feet,’ Shoreline have a real knack for constantly keeping you guessing as to what will come next. They jump seamlessly from the poppy beyond belief ‘Workaround’ to the punky ‘Green Paint,’ which sounds like Panic At The Disco goes punk with additional screams. The combination of familiar genre tropes and modern elements is surprising and keeps you on your feet, making ‘To Figure Out’ a way more surprising and entertaining album than I thought possible.  Don’t be surprised if you see Shoreline’s name plastered all over festival posters this year.


To Figure Out track list:


  1. Needles
  2. Darius    
  3. Workaround    
  4. Seoul    
  5. Health    
  6. Reviver    
  7. Green Paint    
  8. Yuppie Kids    
  9. Pen Name    
  10. Don't Feed    
  11. Loose Contacts    
  12. Interlude    
  13. Cold Feet
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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