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Magic Summer
Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 20:06
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On ‘Magic Summer’, Cologne, Germany’s The Sewer Rats prove to be one of the more uncomplicated bands around. They sing about wanting to quit your job (‘I’m Quitting My Job’), about not wanting to go the dentist (‘I Don’t Wanna Go To The Dentist No More’) and about not wanting to leave your room (‘I Don’t Wanna Leave My Room No More’). Guess what they called the song that is about not wanting to go to the shrink no more. Most of the time, the song title also serves as the entire chorus, usually backed up by an almost obscene amount of whoa oh’s. Pretty straight-forward, right?

Musically, they prefer to keep things equally straight-forward. The album is called ‘Magic Summer’ for a reason. Just think of a summer filled with hangouts, roadtrips, skating and generally having a good time. Now put that vibe to melodic pop punk and you should have painted yourself a pretty clear picture of what to expect. Does your picture even vaguely resemble Fat Wreck or Lookout!’s roster back in the nineties? If so, then Bob Ross would be proud of you.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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