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Russian Circles – Station
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - 00:00
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I remember being blown away by Russian Circles’ debut “Enter” so I was seriously looking forward to their new release and once again these gloomy inhabitants of the Windy City do not disappoint. The band’s heavy brand of post-rock can go from a mild breeze that flirts with your nipples through your shirt to a full-blown hurricane that’ll rip said shirt right off your back in mere seconds.
This instrumental trio of guitar, bass and drums does a great job of conjuring up a frenzy in songs like “Harper Lewis” and “Station” but Russian Circles does an equally impressive job of keeping you enticed with more subdued soundscapes like opener “Campaign”. This is largely due to Mike Sullivan’s guitar who knows how to write some beautiful sounding parts.

Comparisons to Isis and Pelican (same hometown) are within reach but it wouldn’t be fair towards Russian Circles who are well on their way of coming up with an impressive sound all their own.