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Wasting Time
Record Thieves Wasting Time Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, January 3, 2021 - 12:59
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Wasting Time is not only a pretty apt summary of 2020, it’s also the name of Record Thieves’ debut LP, out now on Thousand Islands Records. Featuring members of Authority Zero, Allout Helter and Boldtype, this Denver, CO based band already knew a thing or two about writing solid punk rock songs going into this and it shows. Sounding not unlike a cross between Face To Face and Millencolin, they burn through eleven songs worth of melodic skatepunk meets punk rock and wrap things up after 37 minutes.

Opener ‘Sacrifice’ gives you a good idea of what to expect right off the bat. Bright and shiny melodies, big and crunchy guitars and even the harmonized backing vocals are on point. It’s a formula that works for them, one they have down pat and one they stick with throughout the album. That does mean there is not a whole lot of variety though. Sure, they adopt a more aggressive skatepunk sound on ‘Actors For Hire’ while ‘Who’s Driving’ highlights their slightly more poppy side. But with some other songs, it might take a small effort on the listener’s behalf to distinguish them from one another. Overall though, fans of 90’s punk rock should have no problem finding plenty to enjoy on ‘Wasting Time’.


Track listing:

  1. Sacrifice    
  2. Work It Out    
  3. Transmission Clear    
  4. Sunburn    
  5. Actors For Hire    
  6. Who’s Driving    
  7. Wasting Time    
  8. The Feed    
  9. Daily Revolver    
  10. Crown Of Foil    
  11. Slumber Party
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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