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Rise And Shine
The Putz Rise And Shine Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 13:40
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If you are looking for some primo Ramonescore filtered through Lookout! Records styled pop-punk, then Indiana’s The Putz is your kind of band. Yeah, they totally wear their influences on the sleeve of their leather jackets, but still manage to make this tried and true formula sound fresh and exciting.

‘Rise and Shine’ is already the band’s fourth album and comes at you with fourteen three-chords-are-all-you-need tunes where the guitars are as wildly buzzin’ as the whoa oh’s are omnipresent. Meanwhile vocalist Billy Putz is either declaring his love or putting an asshole in his place. And even as he is threatening to ‘take you out with a laserblast’, I’m all like yeah man, go for it. That’s because this is the kind of pop-punk I can never get enough of. And The Putz? Well, they are excellent ambassadors for this kinda sound. Don’t believe me? Check out snotty opener ‘Cut The Shit’, the excellent ‘Grow Up’, the melancholy-tinged ‘Another Autumn’ or watch them get downright epic on the 4 minutes and 36 seconds long title track.

‘Rise and Shine’ is out now on Eccentric Pop Records & Outloud! Records.


Track listing:

  1. Cut the Shit    
  2. She's a Brat    
  3. Laserblast    
  4. I Don't Wanna Do Anything    
  5. Empty Bottles    
  6. Kicked Out    
  7. Rise and Shine    
  8. Grow Up    
  9. You're the Kind of Girl That I Like    
  10. Another Autumn    
  11. Numbskull    
  12. Invitation Only    
  13. I Disagree    
  14. All the Time in the World


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