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Secret Club
Pohgoh Secret Club Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 20:09
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- by Tom Dumarey

21 Years after their first album, Tampa, FL’s Pohgoh figured now sounded like the right time for their sophomore album. And so they headed for the Magpie Cage to record what would become ‘Secret Club’ with J. Robbins.

The mere fact that this album exists is already remarkable. Back in 2001, vocalist/guitarist Susie Ulrey was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and has faced an ongoing battle with the disease ever since. A disease that left her unable to play the guitar for years. If you needed any more proof that you can get a lot done with a positive mindset, then this is it. Actually, the song ‘Bunch’ is exactly about that.

A lot of the songs on ‘Secret Club’ deal with Ulrey’s condition. She’s worrying about being a burden to those around her in ‘Business Mode’ or singing about years and years of medication in‘Super Secret Club’. This could have easily led to an album that is kinda hard to digest, but instead Pohgoh deliver an album filled with joyous, sprightly melodies and Ulrey’s soothing vocals alongside Superchunk-y guitars and the kind of rhythms that have you nodding along in no time.

‘Secret Club’ is an absolute treat for fans of bands like Superchunk, Belly or more recent acts like Lemuria and Muncie Girls.


Track listing:

  1. Business Mode    
  2. With A Smile    
  3. Try Harder    
  4. Reprise    
  5. Super Secret Club    
  6. Blood Of The Sun    
  7. Bunch    
  8. Digging    
  9. Who's The You    
  10. Unfortunate Face    
  11. Easterberg
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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