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Imaginary People
Pale Angels – Imaginary People
Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 17:19
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Spread out over Wales and New Jersey, the Pale Angels somehow found enough time and air miles to get together often enough to cut a new album. Minus Mikey Erg, who apparently is no longer in the band. The new album is called “Imaginary People” and comes with ten grungy, garage-y tunes that aspire to be punk songs but just can’t be bothered to go any faster.

Made up of Mike Santostefano (Crimes, Static Radio NJ), Jamie Morrison (The Arteries, Ssssnakes), and new recruit Chris Krause (Crimes, Rescuer), Pale Angels like to turn the fuzz all the way up while going through some raw tunes (“I’m Nobody”, “Ditch Digger”) or more poppy tracks (“Wild Vile Flesh”, “If Only You’re Gone”). Unfortunately there are also songs like the six minute long “Dreamer”, which I can only hope ended up on the album by mistake because it sounds like an acid trip gone wrong.

There are definitely some enjoyable moments to be found on “Imaginary People”. But contrary to “Primal Play”, I found this one a bit too same-ish and even downright dull to make much of a lasting impression.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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