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A Confrontational Effort
This Obsession A Confrontational Effort
Sunday, May 13, 2018 - 13:22
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Just like The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio, This Obsession are another three-piece who get to call Chicago home. But their hometown is not the only thing they share. One listen to the ten songs that make up This Obsession’ sophomore full-length, ‘Confrontational Effort’, and it becomes obvious that the abovementioned bands have been a huge influence on singer/guitarist Mark Kronenberg, bassist/vocalist Jess Otto and drummer Jon Jakubik. At times Kronenberg almost sounds like a dead ringer for Matt Skiba and there are plenty of moments on ‘Confrontational Effort’ that made me think of early Alk 3 whereas a song like 'Pop Out My Eye' has more of a Lawrence Arms-y vibe.

So there’s the fact that what This Obsession does is not exactly original. But hey, who cares… it sounds really good! Well, except for ‘Shitting’, which feels out of place here and comes with a bassline that made me think of The Polka King. Luckily, ‘Shitting’ is over and done with after a mere 36 seconds and then it’s back to the good stuff with single ‘Yo… I’m No Good’. Check out the video below and then pick up the album for more pop-punk goodness.


Track listing:

  1. Arm in Arm
  2. My Own Game
  3. Punk-Ass Kid
  4. Bottoms Up
  5. Poetry for Dummies
  6. Shitting
  7. Yo… I’m No Good
  8. Pop Out My Eyes
  9. Deep Water
  10. Paint Your Bed
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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