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Bambix - Bleeding In A Box
Bambix - Bleeding In A Box
Friday, February 8, 2008 - 12:00
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A new Bambix album is not something that comes with a ton of surprises. These Dutchies have always done their thing which is play fast punkrock with plenty of melody and an important role for Willia Van Houdt’s characteristic voice. On album number five, “Bleeding In A Box”, that’s no different. But this time around they can’t really convince me anymore. Some of the songs on here feel like filler and “Leave Luke Be” where Willia tries to sound all hardcore could be considered as embarassing in some cultures. Including mine. Then again, there are songs like “Mount Neverest” or “Easy Come, Easy Go” which are far more appealing. So obviously they’ve still got what it takes to write a catchy song. Guess they will just have to be a bit more selective for album number six.