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Muncie Girls / Sandlot Kids split
Muncie Girls / Sandlot Kids split
Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 14:40
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Here’s a fun little split between UK’s Muncie Girls and Germany’s Sandlot Kids. The pairing might seem a bit weird, seeing as the bands have pretty much nothing in common but that doesn’t stop both both bands from providing two solid slabs of tuneage.

Muncie Girls have been not so quietly making a name for themselves and prove once again just why that is with “Gone With The Wind” from their upcoming full-length and a cover of the Ramones classic “Pet Sematary”, which pretty much kicks ass.

Muncie Girls’ half of this split may be the stronger half, but that’s not saying Sandlot Kids are slouching. With a mix of shoegaze and twinkly guitars, “Dramatic Comedy” and “Wide Awake” occasionally cloud over and burst wide open with loud distorted guitars. Sure to please fans of Seahaven and other bands of that ilk.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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