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Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 EP
Mogwai – Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 EP
Sunday, February 8, 2015 - 15:53
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Following up their eighth full-length, Mogwai is back once again with a new EP where three songs off of “Rave Tapes” get the remix treatment. “Remurdered” becomes “Re-Remurdered” in the hands of Blanck Mass (aka Fuck Buttons’ Benjamin John Power) who aims for the dance floor while Pye Corner Audio and Nils Frahm seem to be more interested in outer space with their respective takes on “No Medicine For Regret” and “The Lord Is Out Of Control”, the two songs that are the closing tandem of “Rave Tapes”.

But before we get to the remixes, there are three Mogwai originals to enjoy. And while “HMP Shaun Ryder” and “History” are both vintage Mogwai tunes, it’s opening track “Teenage Exorcists” that is the biggest surprise on this EP. It’s by far the band’s catchiest vocal track to date and lingers somewhere between dream pop and rock. I’d love to hear more of this to be honest… then again, more Mogwai is always welcome in whatever way, shape or form.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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