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Mind Spiders – Inhumanistic
Saturday, January 11, 2014 - 11:26
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Three years, three albums. Former Marked Men’s Mark Ryan sure knows how to keep busy, especially seeing as how he already released an awesome album earlier this year with Radioactivity, the band that saw him reunited with Marked Men’s Jeff Burke.

Like all of Ryan’s bands, this one has garage rock written all over it but in Mind Spiders’ case, Ryan added a lot of synths and sci-fy lyrics. The one-two combo that is “Inside You” and “Suicide” are bouncy punk songs that come with some sweet synth sounds. “City Stuff” on the other hand sounds like Ryan is trying to seduce a drum computer. Maybe he is, I don’t know anything about this guy’s sexual preferences.

The second half of the album rocks on in tight, slightly claustrophobic fashion that keeps things interesting until the last notes of “Oblivion” ring out. It’s like listening to Devo playing garage rock after having spent a fair amount of time with Man Or Astro-Man? Can’t be bad, right?