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Jingles Collection
Mean Jeans Jingles Collection
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 19:04
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- by Nate Hennon

Mean Jeans continue to solidify their role as some of the truest punk rockers around. Be it truthful or sarcastic, Mean Jeans' latest album is 20 minutes worth of songs about 23 different corporate brands. Ranging from Skoal to Applebee's, Mean Jeans's aptitude for short, catchy songs lends itself well to the unsolicitied jingles industry.

Personally, I found it difficult to listen to this album with a critical ear. It is just a silly concept, albeit executed well, but lacking in substance. That said, all of the songs/jingles are great and very Mean Jeans. Each song is tongue-in-cheek and not something any of these corporate brands will use in their advertising campaign. Well, except for maybe Skoal or Wendy's.

As an album, the songs start to blend after about ten of 'em. Just how many different iterations can one band have about going to a restaurant or eat fast food? I know the Descendents have made a career of these topics, but those songs came from true, unapologetic love. While the Mean Jeans probably are being ironic. They are after all from Portland, the center of abstract irony.

As a set of jingles, these songs are compelling. After the first listen through, I found myself humming "Hot Pockets" and "Cheez-ITs" while driving home from a kid's birthday party. Which is the goal of a good jingle; become an earworm that never truly leaves you for weeks, months or years.


Track listing:

  1. COORS LIGHT         
  3. TOTINOS         
  4. SIZZLER         
  5. POP ROCKS         
  6. CAMEL LIGHTS         
  7. KINKOS         
  8. MOUNTAIN DEW         
  9. APPLEBEES         
  10. RAIN-X WIPER BLADES         
  11. SKOAL         
  12. 180069SHRED         
  13. POLLY-O STRING CHEESE         
  14. HOT POCKETS         
  15. CHEEZ-ITS         
  16. THE FOOTLONG SONG         
  17. CAPRI SUN         
  18. TACO BELL         
  19. SELSUN BLUE         
  20. BEST WESTERN         
  21. DUNKAROOS         
  22. KRAFT MAC & CHEESE         
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Tom Dumarey

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