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Jim Ward - Quiet
Jim Ward - Quiet
Tuesday, February 12, 2008 - 13:00
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Jim Ward of At The Drive-In/Sparta fame has his own little label going on with Civil Defense League, which is being marketed and distributed through Doghouse. Previously he already released a collaboration between himself and poet Bobby Byrd which was quite annoying to listen to. So it was without too much expectations I started listening to this 5-song EP only to find out that it was quite a pleasant listen.

"Quiet" covers the load pretty effectively. It's a collection of mellow songs made up mostly of Ward's voice and acoustic strumming. Maura Davis from Denali/Glös makes an appearance on "Take It Back" which is quite nice but the highlight of "Quiet" has to be the ukulele-enhanced "Coastlines". If you have any money left in your pockets after picking up Eddie Vedder's "Into The Wild", this one would fit nicely with it.