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Only Crime – Pursuance
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 20:13
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Only Crime is back after seven years! Fronted by Russ Rankin (Good Riddance), this band is further rounded out by Aaron Dalbec (Bane, Converge), Zach Blair (Gwar) and drummer extraordinaire/producer Bill Stevenson. They were gaining quite a lot of attention with 2004’s “To The Nines” and 2007’s “Virulence” until things came to a halt when Stevenson was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Luckily, Stevenson recovered completely, which brings us to the release of “Pursuance”.

While it has been seven years between albums, Only Crime’s sound hasn’t changed a lot. Which is a good thing. On “Pursuance” they still sound like what Fat Wreck bands used to bang out in the nineties, completely blurring the lines between punk and hardcore on songs like “In Blood”, “Drowning” and “See It Die”. The songs are kept short here (the album clocks in at a little under half an hour) and come with the kind of hyperactive drums that prove that Stevenson is doing just fine, pummeling riffs and Rankin’s characteristic shouts before things get all melodic in yet another massive chorus. It’s a formula that’s not too different from what Good Riddance used but hey, let’s be honest here… couldn’t we all use a little more Good Riddance in our lives?

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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