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Crossover Ministry
Iron Reagan - Crossover Ministry
Friday, February 3, 2017 - 15:15
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With Trump in the Oval Office, I think it’s fair to say the world has never needed a new Iron Reagan album more than right now. Because, let’s be honest… it’s way more fun to bang your head like a raging maniac than to scratch it every time Trump posts a tweet.


Originally started as a side-project for Municipal Waste members, Iron Reagan has since very much become its own thing and their new album is really good if you want to let off some steam. On “Crossover Ministry”, Iron Reagan once again preaches the gospel of crossover thrash. They get right to it on opening track “A Dying World” after about two seconds of feedback. Take the speed and solos of thrash metal, the urgency of hardcore punk and top it off with plenty shredding and lyrics that lash out at everything and everyone and then condense all of that goodness in a song that clocks in at under two minutes. Repeat this 17 times.


Sure, this has been done before. But Iron Reagan play their tracks with so much gusto that it’s extremely hard to not get swept up by the band’s energy. You could try and sit still through the entire album, but what where’s the fun in that?


Track listing:

  1. A Dying World  
  2. You Never Learn Grim Business  
  3. Dead With My Friends
  4. No Sell  
  5. Condition Evolution  
  6. Fuck the Neighbors  
  7. Power of the Skull
  8. Crossover Ministry
  9. More War  
  10. Blatant Violence  
  11. Parents of Tomorrow  
  12. Bleed the Fifth  
  13. Megachurch
  14. Shame Spiral  
  15. Dogsnotgods
  16. Eat or be Eaten
  17. Twist Your Fate
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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