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Another Realm
Houseghost Another Realm Punk Rock Theory
Friday, January 20, 2023 - 12:48
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Made up of drummer Tyler Beaty (Goon, Break Yourself) and the brother/sister duo that is guitarist /vocalist Nick Hamby (The Raging Nathans) and bassist/vocalist Kayla Hamby, Dayton, Ohio’s Houseghost started haunting my dreams when they released their eponymous debut album in October 2020. It was a near flawless exercise in spooky powerpop meets Ramonescore that I still haven’t stopped listening to.

They are back now with ‘Another Realm,’ the trio’s sophomore full-length. That’s a dozen new slices of prime tuneage that should last you until Halloween comes calling. Saying it’s more of the same has quite the negative connotation, but in Houseghost’s case I wouldn’t have it any other way. Following the moody intro that is ‘Funeral Home’, the band digs in with excellent cuts like ‘Night In The Woods’, the Teenage Bottlerocket-like ‘Born On Halloween’ and ‘Pretty Red’. Kayla and Nick still take turns behind the mic, adding some nice variety with Kayla sounding more poppy and melodic and Nick bringing some grittiness to the table. Elsewhere, they broaden their sound on the slightly rootsy ‘Shadows Of My Past’, before rounding things up with the poppy title track.

‘Another Realm’ is 31 minutes of solid ‘spooky punk’ that should help solidy Houseghost’s position as a band to keep an eye on.


Another Realm track list:

  1. Funeral Home
  2. Night in the Woods
  3. The Calling
  4. Zig Zag Zig
  5. Heart Up
  6. Born on Halloween
  7. Pretty Red
  8. Violet
  9. All Bad News
  10. Nameless
  11. Happiest
  12. Shadows of My Past
  13. Another Realm


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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