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Go Deep – Influence
Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 19:51
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Hadn’t heard of New York’s Go Deep before to be perfectly honest. But as soon as opening track “Slumberland” hits the speakers, I was liking them. New York and hardcore, right? Goes together like me and my couch. It just fits.

Anyway, these dudes play the kind of pummeling hardcore that sounds like someone creeping up on you and then smashing a bottle over your head. Repeatedly. They’re not making things sound too fancy… it’s mostly mid-tempo tunes where they go heavy on the toms and which come with nasty riffs, thumping basslines and a singer who sounds like he’s the one holding the bottle that is being smashed over your head.

I’m seriously liking “Influence” and if you’re looking for some intense hardcore, you will too. Some parts made me think of “Rohnert Park” era Ceremony. At other times they give off more of a Modern Life Is War vibe. I’m not too sure about the slightly grating “Under My Skin”, but cuts like “Designated” with that eerie riffs that pops up in the middle and “It’s Ending Soon” are guaranteed to get your pulse racing.