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Chronicles Of Gnarnia
Gnarwolves – Chronicles Of Gnarnia
Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 19:28
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For a couple of years now, Gnarwolves has been partying and playing shows. More often than not they were doing both at the same time. While we are waiting for a new album, Pure Noise took it upon themselves to compile the band’s previously released EPs on one release, brilliantly titled “Chronicles Of Gnarnia”.

“Chronicles” kicks off with the five songs that were on 2011’s “Fun Club”, then takes you through 2012’s “CRU” and ends with the tracks from last year’s “Funemployed”. This trio likes to throw everything they’ve got at you. Doesn’t matter whether it’s emo, pop-punk, hardcore,  or whatever… fact is that more often than not, it sticks. It’s cool to hear how these guys have developed their sound, becoming more balanced, tighter and more melodic with every single release. By the time I got to closing track “High On A Wire”, I found myself looking forward to a new album by this trio.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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