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Under The Mask
Energy - Under The Mask
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 13:03
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Just a couple of short months after “Apparition Sound”, Boston’s Energy are already back at it with a new 6-song EP. And why not? I mean, with bands like Creeper on the rise, it’s obvious that there is once again room at the table for goth punk. And that’s exactly what you get on “Under The Mask”, right down to the church bells and choir vocals on opener “The Witching Hour”. Besides those clichés, it’s as fine an opener as you could ask for, lingering somewhere between Bayside and Alkaline Trio.

You get plenty more bang for your buck with “A Prayer For Rain” and even more so with “I Killed Your Boyfriend”, both of which strike the perfect balance between poppy melodies, energy (ha!) and gloom. This kind of sound might not be terribly original if you have ever listened to the abovementioned bands or early AFI, but the songs that make up “Under The Mask” sure are a fun way to spend 17 minutes of your life.


Track listing:

  1. The Witching Hour
  2. Under The Mask
  3. The Shape Retreats
  4. A Prayer For Rain
  5. I Killed Your Boyfriend
  6. Leave Me Alone