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We’re Taking over
Deadline – We’re Taking over
Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - 14:29
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UK’s cutest girl fronting a streetpunk band is back! Liz and the rest of Deadline have just dropped “We’re Taking Over”… not a complete new album but it does boast four new songs along with a live show.

The new songs are what we’ve come to expect from Deadline… solid punkrock tunes that are extremely melodic. “We’re Not Americans” is a bit of an odd one out seeing as it could’ve been on a Dance Hall Crashers album but it’s still pretty good.

The live show was recorded in Lichtenfeld Stadthalle in the summer of 2007. No overdubs, no auto-tuning and all the little mistakes… that’s what you get. It sounds a lot rawer and faster than on the band’s albums and while there are some awkward off-key moments, it’s still a pretty good show that has a bit of everything from all of the band’s releases. Which makes it interesting for new fans, while the new songs will spark the interest of longtime fans.