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Hayseed Dixie - No Covers
Hayseed Dixie - No Covers
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 14:29
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From the fictional Deer Lick Holler deep in the Appalachians, the hicks that make up Hayseed Dixie have been cranking out bluegrass covers of AC/DC (AC/DC, Hayseed Dixie... get it?), Kiss and a multitude of other rock acts whenever they were able to drag themselves away from their moonshine or making helpless tourists squeal like a pig. "No Covers" however is the band's first album with - the clue is in the title - their own material. Still true though to their brand of rockgrass (a mix of rock and bluegrass), Haysee Dixie cranks out 14 songs about drinking, cheating, killing and other activities that'll see you burning in hell.

With a fiddle that sounds like it's been set on fire and a lightning-fast banjo thrown in with electric guitars and great hooks, "No Covers" is a fun album that proves these guys have a helluva lot more to show for than they've been given credit for in the past.