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Life After Death
The Creepshow Life After Death
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 20:38
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The Creepshow crawled back in through the backdoor with a couple of replacements among its ranks. First and foremost there’s lead vocalist and guitarist Kenda Legaspi who replaced Sarah Blackwood. Also new are drummer Sandro Sanchioni and guitarist Daniel Flamm who round out the line-up consisting of founding members Sean McNab (on bass) and Paul McGinty (on keys).

This summer the first new sign of life was released in the form of single “Sinners And Saints” and now there’s the new album, “Life After Death”. Opener “See You In Hell” is as contagious as the virus that ignites a zombie outbreak and immediately sets the record straight… The Creepshow is still very much alive. Next up is “The Devil’s Son”, a track that is equally catchy and high on energy as its predecessor. Check out the video if you haven’t done so, it shows the band in full horror mode.

As you work your way down the tracklisting, you’ll find more of these gems as the band is doing a kickass job, injecting the songs with fire, hooks and plenty of singalong action. Meanwhile Kenda’s vocals and guitar licks are as easy on the ears as she is on the eyes. She sounds poppy yet powerful and plays a huge part in getting this band to the next level. I’m not the biggest psychobilly fan out there, but if all the albums in that scene would be as good as “Life After Death”, I definitely would be listening to a lot more stand-up bass infused tunes.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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