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Tragedy Will Find Us
Counterparts – Tragedy Will Find Us
Saturday, August 1, 2015 - 18:01
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As far as modern hardcore goes, Counterparts have been doing a solid job ever since they started out in 2007. And that trend continues on their latest album, “Tragedy Will Find Us”.

Other than their move from Victory to Pure Noise, not a whole lot has changed. Sure, they keep on honing their skills and as a result, have ended up with an album that’s even more diverse than before. Pummeling your ass into oblivion right from the start, they dive headfirst into “Stillborn” and don’t come up for air until the final notes of “Solace” have rung out.

They still have the blistering riffs and brutal breakdowns going on in “Choke” and “Stranger”, but they’ll just as well shift into more densely textured parts in cuts like “Drown”, where spoken word parts are accompanied by more atmospheric sections.

There’s something about the way this Canadian bunch switches things up between swirly type guitars, catchy hooks and downright punishing riffage that grabs your attention right away. Not everybody will be a fan of their sound, but there’s no denying they are highly effective at what they do. And on “Tragedy Will Find Us”, they are even more efficient than ever before.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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