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The L-Shaped Man
Ceremony – The L-Shaped Man
Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 20:46
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Guess what? On their latest album Ceremony once again change their sound. I know! Shocker, right?

Just like Interpol, Editors and a thousand other bands, Ceremony is the next in line to release a Joy Division tribute album. Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise though seeing as they named the band after a Joy Division song. But they sure have come a long since their powerviolence days.

Following the piano-led intro, “Exit Fears” kicks off the album with just drums and a deep, rumbling bassline before a sparse guitar riff sneaks its way in there. Vocalist Ross Farrar then comes in with a snarky take on crooning in an attempt to work through his recent relationship problems. Yes, “The L-Shaped Man” is also a breakup album.

While the band is off to a good start, they unfortunately repeat themselves from there on with little to no variation. With the exception of the post-hardcore musings of “Root Of The World”, Ceremony remain stuck in the same gear for pretty much the entire album. Which is a shame. It doesn’t make “The L-Shaped Man” a bad album per se, but one that will depress the shit out of you. Better not sit through all of it in one session when in close proximity to sharp objects.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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