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Deaf Dogs
Monday, February 19, 2018 - 18:37
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If this album sucked, at least I would get to make the lame joke that they named the album after their target audience. But instead Boston’s Bundles delivered a 12-song album that is chock full of gruff, garage-y punkrock so raw you could grate cheese with it.

Armed with thick, thumping bass lines, loud distorted guitars, pounding drums and a vocalist who is constantly bordering on completely losing his shit, Bundles won’t change the world with ‘Deaf Dogs’. But fans of Off With Their Heads, Red City Radio and the likes will probably have a field day with tracks like opening track ‘Lorem Ipsum’ and ‘The State Of Seattle’.


Track listing:

  1. Lorem Ipsum
  2. The Commonwealth    
  3. TKC    
  4. The Dornishman's Wife    
  5. B&E    
  6. Robots of the Uncanny Valley    
  7. The State of Seattle    
  8. Tomato Tornado    
  9. Oh, Brazil    
  10. There's a Hole Right in Front of You    
  11. The Glow    
  12. In Like Lion, Out on the Lam
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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