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Sick Of Space
Friday, June 29, 2018 - 22:41
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On ‘Sick Of Space’, their sixth album already, Chicago’s The Brokedowns still sound like some of my best friends. Cynical as hell, burnt out on everything and everyone and armed with a wicked sense of humor. They wrapped all of that vitriol in catchy punkrock songs and boom, ‘Sick Of Space’.


They kick things off with ‘The One True Freak’, which immediately sets the pace and sounds like a crossbreed of Off With Their Heads and Red City Radio. At this point in their musical ‘career’, these guys have the whole gruff-voiced, melodic as fuck Midwestern punk sound down pat and it shows. Go nuts to bruisers like ‘Cave Trash / Dumpster Embassy’ and single ‘Pardon The Light’ and snicker when you come across song titles like ‘Mommy, Can I Go Out And Chill Tonight’.


Track listing:

  1. The One True Freak    
  2. The Fort    
  3. Cave Trash / Dumpster Embassy    
  4. Pardon The Light    
  5. Trauma Czars    
  6. Sick Of Space    
  7. Shitty Little League    
  8. Kings Of The Dust    
  9. Guy Shit    
  10. America's Riff    
  11. Led Zeppelin III    
  12. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Chill Tonight?    
  13. Ancient Memes
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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