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Heat Fetish
The Bled – Heat Fetish
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 00:00
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Since their last album in 2007, The Bled have experienced financial problems, changed labels (from Vagrant to Rise) and had to replace 60% of its personnel. That’s the kinda shit that can either make or break a band and listening to “Heat Fetish” I’d say it definitely did not break these guys. By incorporating even more metal than before into their sound, “Heat Fetish” is a logical sequel to “Silent Treatment”. But whereas that album was at times a bit of a mess, these guys have their shit in order this time around. There’s pure aggression to be found in songs like “Smoke Breaks”, more ‘melodic’ cuts like “Needs” or a combination of both (“Need New Conspirators”). The fun thing is that you can never tell which way a song is going with unusual rhythm structures and plenty of dissonant shredding. The band does its utter best to keep you guessing and keeping you entertained at the same time. Things may sound a bit alike as you work your way down the tracklisting, but if you’re into Every Time I Die chances are you’ll dig “Heat Fetish” as well.