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Birth Of Joy – Prisoner
Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 21:02
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Birth Of Joy is a Dutch trio for whom rock ‘n roll stopped in the seventies. Armed with just drums, guitar and an organ displaying tyrannical traits, they will no doubt make you think of The Doors without the druggy tendencies. On “Prisoner” they live up to their name and go for an exuberant sound with vocalist Kevin Stunnenberg sounding like Alex Turner one moment (“Three Day Road”) and screaming his lungs out the next (“Grow”).

They dish out a reckless mix of rock, blues and psychedelic outings and end up with a batch of songs that deserve to be heard. Rather than losing themselves in extended jams, they cram everything together in short blasts of both rock and roll that would make MC5 nod approvingly. If these guys were indeed held prisoner somewhere, it wouldn’t take them long to break out once they get their freak on!