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Still Nervous
Bad Nerves Still Nervous
Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 13:53
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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong recently called them ‘the best band in England right now’. I don’t know about that (haven’t heard all the bands in England), but Bad Nerves definitely are a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. On their sophomore album, ‘Still Nervous,’ they still sound like an anxiety attack midway a HIIT-workout. If that doesn’t make sense, imagine the missing link between Marked Men and FIDLAR.

‘Still Nervous’ is 31 minutes of garage-y punkrock bliss with melodic hooks, killer riffs and anthemic choruses for days. They burst out the gate with the relentless ‘Don’t Stop’ and then live up to their own song title by burning through the next couple of tracks with reckless abandon until they reach the Weezer-like ‘Sorry’. Next up is ‘Television,’ the longest song on the album and also the least convincing one. Are those two things related? Not sure. I am sure though that the singalong-y ‘Jimmy The Punk’ will be a new live favorite while the Sheer Mag reminiscent ‘Too Lazy To Love’ is yet another album highlight. And closer ‘The Kids Will Never Have Their Say’ sees them bringing it home in the best of ways.

Do yourself a favor and check out ‘Still Nervous’ if you haven’t already done so. Soundtrack for the summer? I think so.


Still Nervous track list:


  1. Don’t Stop
  2. Antidote
  3. USA
  4. You’ve Got The Nerve
  5. Plastic Rebel
  6. Sorry
  7. Television
  8. Jimmy The Punk
  9. Alright
  10. You Should Know By Now
  11. Too Lazy To Love
  12. The Kids Will Never Have Their Say
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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