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The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind
Monday, November 5, 2012 - 19:26
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Back in the nineties Ben Folds Five was a pretty cool band. They combined swinging piano ditties with not so serious lyrics and came out with great songs like “Battle Of Who Could Care Less” and “Song For The Dumped”. After that Ben Folds dropped the Five and continued as a solo artist. Up until now that is.

“The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind” is Ben Folds Five’s first new album in thirteen years. And as soon as opener “Erase Me” kicks in, you’ll find that nothing has changed. The piano lines still bounce along merrily alongside a sturdy rhythm section and the video for “Do It Anyway” shows that they still don’t take things too seriously. And with more quiet songs like “On Being Frank” and “Thank You For Breaking My Heart”, they wrote two more songs that can stand right next to their biggest hit, “Brick”.

Glad to have you guys back!