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Banner Pilot – Collapser
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - 00:00
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Banner Pilot is made up of a bunch of Minneapolis dudes who have already been tearing it up for a couple of years. Until recently they were a bit of a diamond in the rough, mostly because of the poor production on their past releases. But now there’s their Fat Wreck debut “Collapser” which will no doubt set the record straight about Banner Pilot. It has better sound, better artwork and well, even better songs. And that barely a year after the release of their previous full-length, “Resignation Day”.

If you’re into bands like The Lawrence Arms, Jawbreaker and Dillinger Four… you know that nice Midwest punk sound with thumping bass lines, loud guitars and gritty yet melodic vocals, then you’re gonna welcome these guys to the club with open arms. They like to mix in some early Blink 182 as well at times and end up with a batch of kickass punkrock tunes.