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The Audition – Champion
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 14:29
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The Audition’s debut “Controversy Loves Company” was a fun album that got away with being as poppy as it was because the band sounded powerful and ballsy at the same time. On “Champion” they’ve abandoned that path and end up sounding a little too much like all the other Fall Out Boy’s out there. Giving up your identity to gain mainstream success is something I can partially relate to but if you end up sounding like Maroon 5 - like these guys do on “Warm Me Up” and the gooey ballad “Can You, Will You?” - is going a bit too far. The occasional guitar solo flashes are pretty cool though as are some of the songs (“Edinboro”) but because of bland choruses and the abovementioned problems, this album is far from being a champion in anything.