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Watching The Horizon
Atlas Losing Grip – Watching The Horizon
Monday, February 1, 2010 - 00:00
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I like the concept of an EP. It usually means a band has written a bunch of new songs and wants to get them out to their fans real fast. The only downside is that they never last long enough. And that’s once again no different with “Watching The Horizon”.

After having thoroughly surprised me with last year’s “Shut The World Out”, Atlas Losing Grips picks right up where they left off and take me back to the 90s with their fast-paced punkrock that comes with tons of heart, melody and shredding guitars. Back to the 90s? Fuck yeah, they even got Satanic Surfers’ Rodrigo Alfaro to sing on these tracks and he lifts the whole thing to a new level. Very, very good release for all the fans of Satanic Surfers, Venerea,…