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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 20:26
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Having previously given us Undead and Daybreakers (which also featured Ethan Hawke), the Spierig Brothers are back with Predestination, a confusing sci-fi movie based on a story by Robert A. Heinlein (because not all sci-fi movies have to be based on Philip K. Dick’s stories).

Hawke is a time travelling agen on the chase of a terrorist known as the Fizzle Bomber who’s terrorizing the 1970s. After failing to catch the guy, he then drags barfly Sarah Snook into a plot that goes from confusing to confused. Spending almost 50 minutes of the movie’s duration on Snook’s character’s back story (she plays a man who once was a girl and had a baby while trying to become an astronaut) rather than using a couple of flashbacks wasn’t a very good idea to begin with. And just when you think the movie is finally picking up speed, it seems to have so much difficulty trying to make sense of the story, that it forgets to be entertaining.

Granted, Sarah Snook is really good in her role while Hawke doesn’t do much more than being present. That’s okay though, he’s probably just as confused by the script as I was.