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24 Hours To Live
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 20:05
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Ethan Hawke stars as Travis Conrad, a former elite soldier turned mercenary turned retiree after his wife and kid were killed a year ago. Since then he has spent his time boozing it up in the Florida Keys with his father in law Frank (Rutger Hauer). But when one of his old buddies tracks him down and offers him a shitload of money, he is back in the game for one last assignment. He has to kill a whistleblower named Keith (Tyrone Keogh) who will be testifying in a UN investigation against Conrad’s former outfit, Red Mountain. A former attempt on Keith’s life didn’t work as planned and he’s now under the protection of Hong Kong-based Interpol agent Lin (Xu Qing). She ends up killing Travis, who is then brought back to life thanks to some newly invented procedure. But only for 24 hours. From there on, things only get more incredible.

24 Hour To Live comes with a very convoluted plot for what is actually a pretty shitty action flick. It’s just one shootout after the other with guns that never seem to run out of bullets. The story is ridiculous, the shootouts aren’t very interesting, the movie takes itself way too serious and I honestly have no idea what Hawke is doing in this movie. Maybe they convinced he only had 24 hours to live if he didn’t take the part?