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Originally known as Alphababy, Yukon Blonde are starting to get a healthy buzz around their self-titled debut album. Comparisons to a band like Fleet Foxes are not that far-fetched and their recent European tour probably didn’t hurt things either. Here’s what bassist John Jeffrey had to tell us.

PRT: Is it true that blondes have more fun?
John: Yes

PRT: You were previously known as Alphababy. When did you ever think that was a good band name?
John: Approximately up until two and a half years ago apparently

PRT: For people who haven’t heard you guys yet… if Yukon Blonde was the lovechild of two other bands, which acts would’ve had sex and which position were you conceived in?
John: The buzzcocks made love to the traveling wilburys... It was anal

PRT: You draw a lot of influences from the past but somehow manage to make it all sound fresh and modern. Do your songs come out that way naturally?
John: I think so.. We don't go for a throw back sound if that's what you mean but the songs we end up finishing seem to receive the said comparisons..

PRT: How do you guys go about creating those amazing harmonies?
John: Trial and error. It's a process of elimination really

PRT: You have a new album coming out called “Tiger Talk”… how did you come up with that title?
John: Jeff had a side project called "fucking tigers".. most of the songs were never intended for Yukon blonde but once the record started coming together almost all the tunes we worked out were originally from that project. I don't know where tiger talk came from exactly but we knew we wanted some kind of tiger reference in the title

PRT: Your debut was recorded live-to-tape, this one comes with synthesizers. Was this approach a decision you had to think about for a long time or was it more of a ‘fuck it, let’s do this’ kind of a thing?
John: A little bit of both I guess.. We wanted a crisper sounding recording and tracking individually helped get that.. Also let us be more conscious of our tones and just performance in general

PRT: There are a lot of good US bands out there but there are even more bands who just copy from one another. When I think of the Canadian bands I know however, they always seem to come with a twist or an edge. What is it they put in the water over there?
John: That's a tough question to answer.. I think there's great bands from everywhere obviously.. Canada is lucky enough to have an arts friendly government so a lot of bands get chances to do things they wouldn't without that support.

PRT: Your music has been featured on the TV show “Revenge” and there was a reference to the band in “How I Met Your Mother”… how important are these kind of things for a band these days?
John: They are helpful or sure. That h.i.m.y.m shout out came as a total surprise to us.. Apparently the actor is actually from Vancouver so we owe her a thank you.

PRT: You’ve played at SXSW in 2010 and you’re playing there again this year … does that kind of show open a lot of new doors?
John: Any help in this age of disposable music is great

PRT: You’re coming over to Europe in a couple of days. What should people expect from a Yukon Blonde show?
John: Hopefully to have fun, laugh, cry you never know what to expect.. Youll have to come and find out

PRT: Why did Yukon Blonde cross the road?
John: We didn't.. Yet

PRT: You have ten seconds to write your last words for our readers. Go!
John: Go to shows. Buy music.

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Tom Dumarey

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