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Friday, January 12, 2018 - 20:05

A couple of days ago, Take This To Heart Records and Triple Crown Records announced they would be releasing a split 12" between Heart Attack Man and McCafferty. Curious to find out what motivated bands and labels to partner up, we dove right in determined to find out all we could about this split release. Here's what we got back from Heart Attack Man's Eric Egan and McCafferty's Nick Hartkop.


PRT: When and where did you get the idea to do a split together?

Eric: Crack open The Bible and take a look in Revelations, my friend! This split has been foretold in the prophecy—it is here to signal the beginning of the end of the world!

Nick: We got the idea a while back last year and when we met and started touring we fell instantly in love with Heart Attack Man. These songs were recorded a little while ago haha 


PRT: Eric, what is it about the juxtaposition between catchy music and darker lyrics that appeals to you as much as it does?

Eric: Couldn’t tell you exactly why...it probably says it somewhere in the directions.


PRT: Eric, you recorded three songs that are all quite different from one another. Was it a conscious decision to show off these different sides of the band?

Nick: Yeah it was- we wanted to make the split fun because our upcoming LP really showcases the band’s direction and this split allowed us to showcase some fun sides of the band that don’t normally surface. 


PRT: What is one quality about your split colleagues that you wished you possessed as well?

Nick: I wish i could kill people and get away with it like Eric

Eric: Mccafferty definitely has the one up on us with the dance beats.  


PRT: You recently toured together. How did that work out? And looking back, will there be a second time?

Eric: Touring with Mccafferty was great and the prophecy foretells of a second time. We never have any problems with anyone on tour because if anyone acts up we spray them with spritzer bottles like a house pet.

Nick: It was the best. You better expect more from us together this year. I will die for heart attack man bro. 


PRT: You are both from Cleveland, OH. What is the best thing about the city?

Eric: Our lord, savior, and blueprint for the economy: Lebron James. 

Nick: Probably Nothing.


PRT: Any other local bands people should check out?

Eric: Bone Thugs n Harmony, Salt The Wound, One Life Crew, Mushroomhead, Two Hand Fools, Dark Spring, Runaway Brother, Dead Leaves, Sonder Bombs, and CHXPO!

Nick: Two Hand Fools. Please for the love of god. And Ola Mesa.


PRT: What’s up next for you in 2018?

Nick: We have he biggest tours so far booked. Our LP 2 is gonna be out this year and much more to share with everyone shortly. Everything is happening this year. So stoked!

Eric: Thinking about purchasing a dirt bike. 

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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