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Friday, August 3, 2018 - 12:29

- by Nate Hennon

The Get Up Kids recently came out swinging with a nice little surprise in the form of 'Kicker', their new 4-song EP. It's a great EP that feels like a very complete release even if it comes with four songs. And as if that isn't good enough yet, the band will start recording their new album on Sep 4. (photo credit: Dalton Paley)


PRT: First of all… congrats on ‘Kicker’! How come it took seven years to get new music out there though?

Matt: Thanks.  We’ve all been busy with other things.  Jim went back to school, Ryan moved to Paris and then came home and started a coffee roasting company, James was touring with MCR & Reggie, Rob plays in Spoon and I’ve been doing solo records.  This band is difficult to schedule but we’re making it work.


PRT: What was it about these songs that made you want to get them out in the EP format rather than waiting and including them on a new album?

Matt: I think, at least for me, that we needed to get the ball rolling ASAP if we were gonna try and do this band again.  I think we would have talked it to death if we hadn’t gotten it out quickly. 


PRT: I read that you wrote these songs in short jolts where you tried to get as much done as possible. Is there a lot to say for that way of working? Or is it a bit of a pain and just out of necessity?

Matt: I think it can be beneficial but not always.  Truth be told, we don’t have the luxury of doing it any other way because we’re all so busy outside of the band.  The fact that we’ve got 4 weeks in a row to make the album is kind of a miracle.


PRT: You also produced the EP yourselves. Was that an easy process? Easy to reach a consensus about everything? Or do you feel it is better to have the opinion of someone outside of the band?

Matt: I think we are all pretty comfortable self producing, but, it is nice to have at least one other person whose opinion you trust.  I have a lot of trust in Peter, who is producing the full length.  I think he will help us get outside our comfort zones.  


PRT: Having been a band as long as you have and being at a point in life where most if not all of you have families to take into account, how has all that affected the band’s dynamics?

Matt: I think that having kids forces you to be more patient.  Sometimes more that others.  I think our dynamics are pretty much the same, we just know when to walk away from an argument or when to not push each other’s buttons.  


PRT: You just finished a month of touring… how did the new songs work out during the shows? I feel like they would blend in perfectly with your older work.

Matt: I think they fit in pretty well.  There were people singing along, so that’s good.  They are fun to play.  


PRT: A lot of bands have been teaming up with breweries to release their own beer. Is that something you would ever consider doing? Maybe a Red Lager Day? Or a Sauvignon To Write Home About if you are more into wine?

Matt: We’ve done a couple of limited runs with a brewery in Denver called Ratio.  They did a “One Year Later” Saison for their one year anniversary and a “Kicker” Ale for our show in Denver.  That last one was a barrel aged double IPA that was about 9% ABV.  It was delicious, but needed to be shared.  It’ll put you on your ass.

Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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